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Sale - AMT-10006-116 Combo Fixture Kit

AMT-10006 is a 106 piece base plate kit, ideal for small stamped, turned or machined components. It includes Hollows, connection elements, locating elements and clamping elements.
AMT-10116 is a 109 piece locator, clamping and off-grid accessory kit containing magnetic and spring clamps, cones, flats, spheres, edge stops and more. This special offer includes a storage cabinet.

AMT 10006 and 10116 combo kit
AMT-10006 Fixture Kit, 106 pieces
Part Number Quantity Description
AMT-11035 1 Grid plate 25x250x300mm M6
AMT-11018 2 Grid plate 25x150x200mm M6
AMT-19214 2 Hollow 25x50x250mm
AMT-21106 2 Solid bar 25x25x50mm
AMT-21107 2 Solid bar 25x25x75mm
AMT-21108 2 Solid bar 25x25x100mm
AMT-21109 2 Solid bar 25x25x125mm
AMT-11531 2 Prism block 120 degrees, 25x50x56.25mm
AMT-17133 20 Lock for retention bols, 25mm
AMT-17113 10 Double retention bolt, 12.5mm
AMT-17112 3 Combi retention bolt, 12.5x30mm M6
AMT-17172 3 Disc bolt with shoulder, 12.5mm
AMT-15200 4 StackJack® 38-50x30mm M24
AMT-17172 1 Disc bolt with shoulder, 12.5mm
AMT-16046 2 KantTwist® clamp, 3/4"
AMT-15235 2 Cone 90 degrees 35x30mm
AMT-15077 1 Base 30x20x15mm M24
AMT-15065 1 Riser 25x15mm M8
AMT-15020 1 Cone 10x15mm
AMT-15258 1 Vee 90 degrees 35x30mm
AMT-15259 1 Vee 60 degrees 35x30mm
AMT-15340 2 Ball joint 30mm
AMT-16004 5 Finger clamp 60mm
AMT-16012 5 Clamp stud 60mm
AMT-16023 5 Stud holder 30mm
AMT-16045 1 KantTwist ® clamp 2"
AMT-10060 1 Wrench 15mm and 30mm ends
AMT-10053 1 Screwdrive, universal
AMT-10052 1 Spanner tool
AMT-17171 10 Centering disc 24x12.5mm M6
AMT-10040 1 Storage case with drawers
AMT-17112 5 Combi retention bolt, 12.5x30mm M6
AMT-17148 4 End cap 25x50mm
AMT-10116 Locator and Clamping Elements, 109 pieces
Part Number Quantity Description
AMT-15200 6 StackJack® 38-50x30mm
AMT-15077 6 Base M24
AMT-15076 10 Base 20x15mm M8
AMT-15065 10 Riser 25x15mm M8
AMT-15010 5 Ball locator 10x15mm M8
AMT-15248 5 Ball locator 25x30mm M24
AMT-15003 5 Flat locator 10x15mm M8
AMT-15206 5 Flat locator 10x30mm M24
AMT-15020 5 Cone locator 10x15mm M8
AMT-15235 5 Cone locator 35x30mm M24
AMT-15026 2 Vee locator 90 degrees 10x15mm M8
AMT-15258 2 Vee locator 90 degrees 35x30mm M8
AMT-15037 3 Edge locator 50% 10x15mm M8
AMT-15270 3 Edge locator 50% 35x30mm M24
AMT-15047 2 Indicator holder 3/8, 20x15mm
AMT-15057 5 Magnetic locator 10x15mm M8
AMT-15357 5 Magnetic locator 25x30mm M24
AMT-16012 5 Clamp stud 60mm
AMT-16004 5 Finger clamp 60mm
AMT-17173 15 Non-centering disc M24 and M6
AMT-10043 1 Storage drawer with adjustable dividers
$10,109.54 $8,090.00 On Sale!