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American Modular Tooling©

  • AMT is the world's finest and most comprehensive modular fixturing system for CMM workholding.
  • Save time and money building or modifying fixtures rapidly and easily.
  • Duplicate, or repeat, designs with ease utilizing modular AMT elements.
  • Made of high tensile strength aircraft aluminum, every element is carefully designed for maximum efficiency and cross-system adaptability.
  • Components are available individually, in kits or as custom fixtures designed and built per your part print.
  • American Modular Tooling is manufactured 100% in the USA.

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AMT Base Plate

Grid Plates provide the basic structural foundation of almost any fixture.
System 25, 25mm Grid / System 25, 50mm Grid / Sytem 25, 100mm Grid / System 40

AMT Hollows/Bars Lightweight Hollows© feature a channeled interior for high accuracy. Available in Commercial, Professional or Special Duty grades.
AMT Special Duty Components Special duty supports, gussets and foot plates for added strength.(coming soon)
AMT Connection Elements Connection Elements permit rapid assembly of fixtures.
Chases / Nuts / Screws / Locating Dowels / Discs / Retention Bolts / Locks / Cross-System Elements / End Caps
AMT Locating Elements Locating Elements hold and locate parts of many shapes and sizes.
M8 / M24 / Off-Grid Elements / Vee Blocks / Prism Blocks
AMT Traditional Locating Elements Traditional Locating Elements simplify your fixture build process.
Traditional Clamps with Net Blocks / Nub Blocks
AMT Clamping Elements Clamping Elements offer innovative ways of solving clamping problems.
AMT fixturing tools and storage AMT Fixturing tools and storage cabinets
AMT Fixturing Kits Fixturing kits designed to accommodate all varieties of fixturing requirements.
All American Modular Tooling components are manufactured 100% in the USA.