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American Modular Tooling Fixturing Kit features:
  • 7075-7651 aluminum components
  • Hard coat anodized
  • 0.02mm (0.0008") accuracy for flatness, square, parallel and center to center of hole location
  • Components can be used across system sizes
  • AMT kits are expandable and compatible with Hollows and other AMT components.
AMT-10210, Retention Type Connection Element Kit, 120 pieces, System 25
This retention type connection element kit contains elements for connecting System 25 Hollows and Solid Bars to each other or to grid plates. Retention lock connections are fast and positive. Expand your kit!
Contents Qty Description
AMT-17112 10 Retention Bolt, Combi 12.5 mm x M6
AMT-17113 20 Retention Bolt, Double 12.5 mm
AMT-17133 70 Retention Bolt Lock
AMT-17172 10 Disc Retention Bolt, 12.5 mm x M24
AMT-17174 10 Disc Retention Bolt, Off-Grid 6.7 mm x M24
AMT-10043 1 Storage Drawer, Adjustable
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